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Growing Sprouts in an EasySprout™ Sprouter

In my opinion, the best sprouter for your money is the EasySprout™ by Sproutamo. It is not expensive: about $15 CDN. What you get is a 1 litre container with holes in the bottom and another slightly larger container that it fits into. The two are designed so that the inner container can sit slightly elevated in the outer one to increase ventilation. It also comes with a couple of lids and a snap-in insert for sprouting smaller seeds so they don't fall through the holes in the inner cup.

The Easy Sprout Sprouter

My EasySprout™ sprouter.

As your seeds sprout they generate heat and in order to remain "healthy" they need to stay within a certain temperature range. This is why good circulation is important. The EasySprout™ works on the premise that as the sprouts generate heat, the warm air rises and pulls in cool air through the bottom of the inner cup. This keeps the sprouts cool and aerated with moist air.

You can grow sprouts in the EasySprout™ with only a single initial rinse. Seeds sprouted without regular rinses are suppose to have a longer shelf life and taste better but it depends on what you're sprouting. I have never tried this method though as I believe it is important to rinse the sprouts to keep them separated, particularly brasicas like broccoli. The instructions that come with the EasySprout™ contain a table with the soak/sprout times for different seed types. I usually rinse my seeds a couple of times a day.

The biggest problem people have with the EasySprout™ is the instructions: they are terrible. Fortunately using this thing is very simple and once you have done it a couple of times, you won't need instructions anyways. Here is how I do it:




Organic Seeds for Sprouting

Alfalfa sprouts in the EasySprout™.



What can you sprout in the EasySprout™ sprouter? Just about anything. You can not grow micro greens or leafy sprouts or sprouts that require soil which shouldn't be a surprise. But just about anything else can be sprouted with very little effort.

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